Recommended Providers now Available

Recommended Providers now Available

Control Which Providers are Recommended to Your Users

As we have added to our list of login providers, new users were starting to get overwhelmed with all the options:

To address this issue, we start the experience for new users with a small list of recommended providers. We selected the defaults based on which providers users chose.

On iOS/MacOS devices, users are presented with:

On Windows devices, users are presented with:

And all other devices, users are presented with:

Users can show all the other login provider choices

With this update, you can override which providers are recommended to your users by setting the provider_hint query parameter in the authorization URL. For example, if you want to add GitHub and remove email and Apple from the choices, you would pass{...}

For details see the provider_hint documentation

New users would then be presented with the following options:

You can check out how provider_hint works with the Hellō Playground

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