Hellō in 60 Seconds

Hellō in 60 Seconds

Adding auth to your app has never been this easy

Tl;dr: Test drive the sample code https://github.com/hellocoop/hello-nextjs-sample/

In the video below, we walk through test-driving the sample repo:

  1. Fork & clone the repo

  2. Install the packages

  3. Run Quickstart to create the app at Hellō

  4. Start the app and log in with Hellō locally

  5. Deploy the app to Vercel

  6. Log in with Hellō to the host dynamically generated by Vercel

  7. Click through auto config to add the Redirect URI to the Hellō Developer Console

We then add Hellō to one of the Next.js sample apps per this post:

  1. Create a local copy of the blog sample app

  2. Install the packages

  3. Run Quickstart to create an app at Hellō

  4. Copy over the hello-test.jsx file

  5. Start the app with /hello-test and login with Hellō

Note the pointer to the clock so you can see the true elapsed time!

See the blog post on auto config if you want to dive in deeper, complete with a sequence diagram.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!